Loo de jing

Hi! Im Loo De Jing.
I'm a 2D illustrator. You can check my work and request commission from here.

Terms and Conditions

I will draw a few drafts at the beginning of the commission, and a 50% deposit fee is required to continue the process after selection (no refunds or cancellations after payment).
If it is used for commercial purposes, the fee will be increased by 30%.

Minor adjustments to the commissioned work (color, addition /reduction /adjustment of small details) are free of charge. In case of multiple changes (up to 3) or significant changes(regarding pose, composition, perspective), you will have to pay an additional fee.

During the proces, I will send you a screenshot of each work progress via social media (etc. discord , email, messenger... )

In case of temporary requests for faster progress, additional fees will be charged.

After paying all the fees, I will send you the complete artwork and the psd (Photoshop Document) via email.

Payment: Maybank , Paypal


開始委託我會畫出幾張草稿, 選擇了後需交費50%的訂金才能繼續後面的過程(付款后不能退款和取消).

委託作品的细微調整(颜色,增加/减少/調整小细节)是免費的. 如果改動多次(最多3次)或大幅度的改動(关于姿势, 构图, 视角), 你将不得不支付额外的费用.

過程中我會使用社交媒體如: whatsappp, messenger, instagram, discord或者email發送最新的進度

如果臨時要求加快進度, 需交費額外的費用.

交付所有的費用後, 我會使用email發完整圖和psd(Photoshop Document)給你.

付款方式: Maybank , Paypal


I don't draw: NSFW

Commission price changes depending on the complexity of the idea and the character pose.(As well as the number of characters in the illustration)

佣金的價格根據想法的複雜性和人物的姿勢而變化. (以及插圖中的人物數量)

Line art

Portrait - $15+
Half body - $20+
Full body - $30+
Full illustration - $50+


Portrait - $20+
Half body - $30+
Full body - $50+
Full illustration - $75+

Semi Realistic

Portrait - $40+
Half body - $50+
Full body - $60+
Full illustration - $120+

(Monster costs an additional $30)


Environment - $100+

(with building) - $150+

Character Design

Line art and simple shading - $150+
Full render(semi realistic) - $200+
(layout extra charge $20)